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In my shop you can find pieces from my work. Arts give me the opportunity to express myself and share my creations with you. Feel free to contact me for special request.

Shipping details

My shipping methods depends on the article itself. NEW AND LOWER SHIPPING PRICES FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. All shippings will include a tracking number if apply. If you think that your shipping cost is lower than the reported here, please feel free to contact me.

Additional information

My payment method is through PAYPAL.
Payment is to be made within 3 days of your purchase.

Payment is expected upon purchase.

In the event of non-payment:
I will contact the buyer three times within 3 days, using the Etsy Convo system as well as the customer e-mail supplied by the client. Non-response and non-payment will result in cancellation of the sale and relisting of the item.

Handcrafted Jewelry from Nature's Beauty

I am a Chemical Engineering student, who loves to be creative and share my work. I live in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Arts are in my blood. My mother is a painter and writer. Paint is not my strongest attribute, but writing poetry, essays and short stories are my passions. Also, jewelry confection is my hobby, since I was a little girl. I want to share with you my art and my creations.

This is my way to escape for a while from Reynolds number, Nusselt, Einstain, chemical reactions (which I love) and other important contributors in science.

You can find me on FACEBOOK: